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for forward thinking organizations

Develop Business Plans with ease. Collaborate. Make better decisions.  Get a full-spectrum view of your portfolio and team's performance.


Simplify Complex Work 

 A platform built specifically for real estate teams to do critical work with less pain

Boost your team's alignment, efficiency, and productivity by automating and modernizing mission critical real estate workflows

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It's Time for the next generation of Business Plans

Build beautiful and dynamic Business Plans

It's more than a plan, it's a way of planning together.

Waypoint connect everyone in the business planning process so teams can deliver and execute against plans with less pain. 

Developing Business Plans is painful, manual and error prone. 

Waypoint brings together all of your data, unlocking effortless report development, leaving more time for better strategic thinking and action.

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Enter the new world of Asset Level Business Planning

How does it work?


Sync Data


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This is a title. Click here to edit and add your own text.


Sync Data

Consolidate and aggregate large amounts of data in real time from all your sources


Build Report Templates

Make dynamic report templates in a matter of minutes that can evolve as your business changes


Report in Real Time

Collect inputs from everywhere and everyone, surface insights from your data, and connect business cases across your company



Work smoothly as a single team with the ability to overwrite, tag and comment as you work simultaneously


Track Status & Notifications

Notifications track your teams' progress. Set automatic reminders of due dates so you don't have to


Approve and Publish

Have an accessible audit trail and access historical plans with ease in a single system


Why Waypoint?

Do Less Grunt Work

Waypoint frees up bandwidth so you can focus on what matters. Spend less time preparing your data, and more time analyzing and acting on it.

  • Automate data aggregation

  • Import, clean and enrich data coming in from your key legacy and source systems

  • Zoom in and out of your portfolio data with a few taps 

  • Provide a better experience for your team

Workflow management

automate routine work

Leave the repetitive stuff to us so your team can focus on what they do best.

  • Stay organized and connected by bringing your team’s work together into one shared space

  • Our hardworking platform automates repetitive tasks, orchestrates core workflows and turns your data and reportings into reusable assets.  Never start from scratch again.

  • Get the flexibility you need to build and maintain asset level business plans,  portfolio scorecards and management reports with ease over time; prevent errors



Break down silos



Stop hunting down and fetching numbers from detached divisions to manually collate information in spreadsheets to report on performance


Central Platform

Uncover insights while they are still meaningful with a centralized view of portfolio performance, allowing you and your team to plan and execute faster.


invested in by industry leader Argus

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